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E-commerce and home deliveries… have become an indispensable service in such a competitive market, and the sector is evolving… and for this reason we created Takeve, a delivery service with competitive prices, but above all a service 100% ecological quality carried out by professional riders hired and protected.

We help grow your business and retain your customers, guaranteeing fast delivery carried out by delivery professionals.

Furthermore, know that by becoming our partners, you support female employment and allow us to train more women in the field and employ them in a sector that we are committed to regenerating with better conditions for all the actors involved.

We have launched a training tool for the 90 thousand riders in Italy as a contribution to the sector which unfortunately has many critical issues and few protections for workers. For this reason, as a Benefit Company, we are committed to satisfying workers, customers and companies, providing deliveries with absolutely sustainable means and with a road and personal safety package.

Discover our fantastic solutions to deliver throughout the city with a quality partner!


We have optimized our delivery fleet with completely more effective and safe means to guarantee better performing deliveries than before and other market players.

ENTRUST YOUR DELIVERIES TO A QUALITY DELIVERY PARTNER, satisfy your customers and increase turnover.. and.. promote female employment and regulation of the sector!

Whatever your category, Takeve will know how to meet your needs:

Homedecor Tech Food Gift boxs idea Beauty care Lifestyle Flowers Mom-toys Food You will have

A professional delivery staff at your disposal!

Our Takevers have


1. Regular employment contract based on the Logistics CCNL, with a guaranteed hourly salary plus for each delivery


2. PPE, waterproof uniform, Diadora Utility non-slip shoes, Luxon reflective vest with NFC system of personal and primary data.


3. Specialized training, SOS rider app, GPS tracking and emergency sound device.


4. Private insurance inside and outside working hours


5. Sustainable means provided by the company, effective and safe for last mile deliveries.


6. Takeve Hub, starting point, refreshment and company reference


Delivery service from your point of sale

Deliver your products inside and outside your neighborhood, with just one click directly from your store, becoming more competitive at affordable costs.

You will be able to request a professional rider hired and protected with just one click during the delivery time requested by the customer.

Or, you can connect our system to your e-commerce, and as soon as you receive an order, the request will automatically be forwarded to the rider with the respective details.

How does it work?

1 We will provide you with login credentials to our system
2 Start receiving orders via your site and request a rider directly from the Panel, in the selected time slot, entering the delivery addresses.
3 Prepares orders and waits for Takever.
4 You will be able to track the rider in order to verify the timing and delivery.
5 Download the monthly report to monitor the

Free storage and delivery from Takeve Darkstore

We have established a warehouse-pick up point, with professionals who carefully ship your products, to help you expand your shop to other cities / neighborhoods if you are out of the area, without any rental fee, where you can monitor your sales without much effort .

We help you grow by speeding up delivery to satisfy your customers.

In this very competitive sector you need to use solutions that allow you to satisfy customers effectively and quickly by reducing timing and procedures. Just like the e-commerce giants do!

For this reason, if your physical store is located in another city, or outside the area, or you want to dispose of stocks, we have installed Darkstores in active cities, with a team that stores and prepares orders, to give you the opportunity to manage your online sales, and be able to make a delivery quickly.

How does it work?

1.You will be able to store a specific number of products in our warehouses for a limited time
2.We will provide you with access credentials to our system and you can integrate our service to your portal, website, Instagram page, etc.
3.When you receive orders linked to the Hub area, we will receive a notification and our team will start preparing the package carefully.
4.A Takever, in the selected time slot, will proceed with the delivery.
5.Monitor the progress from your Access panel.

Online showcase from the Takeve Marketplace (site and app)

Expand your sales opportunities through our Premium Brands online shop.

The most demanding customers, more aware of sustainability and impact, look for the most special products in our Marketplace.

By being part of our network, you will be able to register your company, insert your catalog and monitor sales with your credentials, in order to activate a portal with a Partner that is in line with your values and business objectives.

We are creating a network of exclusive brands that can satisfy a specific demand:

Homedecor         Tech Food         Gift boxs idea Beauty care       Lifestyle         Flowers      Mom-toys         Food

We are looking for Brands, in line with our values and corporate philosophy, and thus become the first marketplace that truly supports companies and focuses on product and service quality, promoting female employment and regulation of the sector.

How does it work?

1.We will provide you with credentials to access our portal from the site or from a specific app for order management.
2.Insert your products automatically or customize the catalogue
3.Start receiving orders from our app and marketplace, the customer makes the payment via our site, and you will receive the order notification to your app or management system.
4.Proceed to organize the delivery, either from your point of sale or if you wish from our warehouse.
5.If you have the products in the Takeve Hub, we’ll take care of everything! You alone will have to monitor the progress.
6.You will receive payments every 15 days, and you will be able to download the monthly report.
7.You will have constant support and quality attention.


Recruitment Jobposting – Trova personale qualificato

Takeve is characterized by training men and women in the world of delivery, being the first model that aims to promote awareness of the profession and regulate the role of riders.

The skills acquired in our training program will allow you to find a professional rider in our database based on your needs. We guarantee you technical and professional support both for research, interview, adaptation to the working environment and monitoring if you wish.


Marketing & communications

The Takeve team has extensive experience in marketing, advertising and communications. It makes the team’s skills available to strengthen the communication of your corporate Unique Value proposition and create sales strategies and awareness or go to market campaigns together with you. Both from digital marketing, such as offline, activation of gadgets, university or cultural events, etc.

Many influencers and large companies have believed in the strength of this project and have created targeted high-impact strategies together with us.

Some of the companies that have believed in us from the beginning are


One of the reasons that gratified us in activating this demanding delivery machine is to achieve the objective of reserving 10% of revenues for charity. This is thanks to the customers who chose TAKEVE, not only for the banal delivery, but for feeling part of a community, part of our exciting project.

In fact, it is the customer who chooses, after confirming the order, which of the two non-profit organizations to direct our contribution to, without any additional cost, but with an exclusive financial commitment on our part.

Thanks and thanks again! Because just one order can make the difference!




We, as a Benefit Company, try to give value to society by contributing to important causes and creating a large network of supportive and visionary people, companies and organizations, in order to become a single force in the most needy themes, topics or sectors of our community, in Italy and abroad.


We work with Plase – Platform for sustainability and equality, an organization we founded in 2023, to be able to direct our non-profit heart and solidarity ideas into international scenarios.


Would you like to be part of our non-profit program?

You can apply as a non-profit organization or as a volunteer to develop various development projects.

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