Who we are

Who we are?

HI! We are professionals who believe so much in the power of change and innovation for social benefit.

Through attention to people and the planet, we are rebuilding a sector that has grown a lot in recent years but which presents many critical issues and an urgent need to be regulated.

We thought of a model that could be inclusive, sustainable, ethical and of 360 degree quality and we named it TAKEVE, of Take everything, so through the octopus and our riders, we can deliver everything and more, but with a service disruptive, based on training and safety

Our cities

Do you want to know the story of how we were born?

We tell you about the first developments:
In 2020, in Rome, in the midst of the pandemic, our founder, who has worked in the non-profit sector since she was 17 years old, and is sensitive to social development, observed 4 fundamental things

Grandma Irma was there that day… who listened carefully to this analysis, and with her goodness and vision, she simply said… because you have to do it yourself!

And so this thought, which had already been sown in his head, had more strength and for many months he worked on the business plan, on the feasibility of the project, exploring this sector in depth, and becoming more and more convinced that the Takeve model could be a point of the new era of delivery.

By launching the initiative in Rome, you received very important feedback from the national press, starting the real challenge.

Instead to 575 Km away, exactly in Milan, in the magical neighborhood of Isola, in the meantime without knowing her, Francesca, who in turn has always worked in communications, design and volunteering, among other things, was working on a communication project on violence female which was on the rise at the time, he then wrote about a superheroine who fought villains through her work as Rider. Yes! She actually designed a female Rider (very strange to see at that time) and worked on developing her.

One day, he read in ELLE magazine, the new all-female delivery company born in Rome, and decided to contact Evelyn, and so after a few months of launch, difficulties, challenges, changes, cooperation and friendship, they decided to become partners and partners in crime !

The story continues, they receive an important recognition from President Mattarella, the Senate, even more press, new female riders, and then, they launch in Milan, test new means for optimizing the service and safety, and create the first video training game for all riders in Italy.

By believing so much in this project and working with a lot of perseverance, energy and determination, they leave a positive mark in the lives of the people who are part of this great little community.

… We are, with great enthusiasm, still writing the story of Takeve… and we hope to update you soon on new developments, in the meantime we thank you for accompanying us here and being part of this story!

Meet our team


Evelyn Pereira

Founder &

Francesca Zanotto

Partner & Head of Business development

Giulia Potier

Communications &

Chiara Comerci

Rider Team